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The Dragon King’s Palace  by Laura Joh Rowland

The Dragon King’s Palace by Laura Joh Rowland

Book Review Title: The Dragon King's Palace Author: Laura Joh Rowland   Laura Joh Rowland’s The Dragon King’s Palace is publicized mainly as a mystery novel. Having not read the seven earlier books which featured her detective, Sano Ichiro, I cannot state whether or not the earlier novels were primarily locatable within the genre of “mystery”.   What is certain however is that The Dragon King’s Palace transcends the mystery novel genre at the same time that much of the plot is located within it. Yes the kidnap of four women of the court, (the mother of the Mikado, the Lord Chamberlain’s wife, Sano Ichiro’s wife and her friend), do lead the reader into the mystery which Sano and Chamberlain Yanagisawa must solve. The novel turns into thriller quite rapidly though